Whippet Health Information

One of the fundamental goals of the Whippet Health Foundation is to develop and make available information about the proper care, breeding, health and development of Whippets. On this page you will find documents, links to articles and other resources you may use to further your understanding of of diseases, genetic anomalies, injuries and other ailments that affect dogs in general and the Whippet in particular.

We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the articles or contents of this page. Please forward these on to Lisa Costello at mtncow100@gmail.com.

Investigation into Diet-Associated Dilated Cardiomyopathy in Dogs

Dr. Darcy Adin at the University of Florida has an update on her research into Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM). The Whippet Health Foundation contributed $12,000 toward her grant for this research. Please click the links here to see the updates.

Update On Mitral Valve Research

This is an October 2015 update on the research being done by Dr. Joshua Stern, Assistant Professor, Medicine & Epidemiology, Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis. This research, largely funded by the WHF, analyzes the genetics associated wth the severity of mitral valve degeneration in Whippets.

Update On Whippet Cardiac Study

A new update on the study of Adult Onset Mitral Valve Disease in Whippets is now available. This research began in 2003 and includes data gathered on hundreds of Whippets at past National Specialties.

Health Information Documents and Links