WHF Database Policies and Disclaimer
Who Can Submit Data
  • Anyone who owns, co-owns or has bred a Whippet may add or update data.
  • Breeders can submit data for their own dogs and those they have bred.
  • Owners can submit data only for their own dogs.
  • Anonymous submissions of data are not accepted.
  • The Whippet Health Foundation will not be responsible for resolving disputes among co-owners. We assume that any discussion between co-owners regarding submission of data has been held before the data is submitted.
Certification/Test Information (health screening)

In order to maintain the integrity of the database, all certification or test information will be verified before being visible on the site. Verification will be one of the following methods:

  • The information is provided in a file directly by the testing agency (like OFA).
  • The information is publically visible on the web site of the testing agency (like OFA).
  • The information is on a Certified AKC or FCI Pedigree.
  • The owner or breeder will forward us an un-altered copy of the certificate issued by the testing agency.
Health Information
  • All Health/Disease information is classified as anecdotal until the owner or breeder provides us with an un-altered copy of a written report (diagnosis or pathology) from a professional in the field.
  • Upon receipt of verified documentation the classification will be changed to "Diagnosed".
  • This classification system helps users and researchers evaluate the dependability of the source.
Privacy Policy
  • The Whippet Health Foundation values your privacy very much. It is our policy to not provide lists of names and addresses to any outside group or organization.
  • To protect the integrity of the database, our computers do record the fact that you have logged into the site and if you have submitted information. User activity within the database is not tracked (searches made, dogs viewed, etc.).
  • Submission of photos of individual dogs is encouraged.
  • The WHF may utilize the photos submitted on the website or other publications.
  • Arranging for submission of copyrighted photos is your responsibility. The WHF will not be responsible for paying royalty fees on photos.
Accuracy/Reporting Errors
  • Although we do our best to ensure accuracy of data, it is always possible that human errors can occur. If you spot something in error, please notify us via email at comments@whippethealth.org and we will do our best to research the data in question and make any corrections to data we find is in error.
  • One of our goals is to have pedigrees as complete and accurate as possible. We really prefer to have owners send us copies of certified pedigrees so that our data is as accurate as possible. For those cases where we do not have a certified pedigree, we do our best to fill in missing data with information that may be available from unofficial sources. This can include OFA or other databases. In some cases this data could be in error and the WHF makes no claim that our pedigree data is always 100% accurate. As mentioned above, if you spot something you believe might be in error, please contact us at comments@whippethealth.org and we will research the issue.
  • The Whippet Health Foundation (WHF) database is a publicly available source of information for owners, breeders, researchers, and Whippet fanciers all over the world. By submitting information to the WHF database, it is inherently understood that the data will be publicly available and such submission grants the WHF license to make that data available to the public.
  • The Whippet Health Foundation also uses public sources of information, such as Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), to fill in data gaps that make information more complete and therefore useful to researchers. The WHF considers that information available through public domain may be used in the WHF database without further permission.
  • The Whippet Health Foundation reserves the right to release any data in the database to researchers or utilize such information for other uses approved by the WHF Board of Directors.