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The Whippet Health Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit Corporation formed to provide financial and other support for individuals and organizations focusing their educational and research efforts on dogs in general and the Whippet in particular. To this end, we have launched a comprehensive health database for Whippets which can be accessed via the Database button at the top right of this page.

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Working Dog Brain Study

Research into the neural and behavioral variation in working dog breeds. Of particular interest is the relationship between individual variation in brain organization and predisposition to acquire new learned skills. We are looking for dogs that are actively engaged in breed-specific behaviors (e.g., sighthounds that “hunt” naturalistic lures regularly). If possible, we are also looking for littermate or blood-relative “duds” who don’t show much skill at those same tasks..

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Whippet Mitral Valve Disease Research Project

Dr. Joshua Stern, Assistant Professor, Medicine & Epidemiology, Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis submitted a research proposal to the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) on Whippet mitral valve disease. It has been decided that both the WHF and AWC will fund the project.

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WHF Announces Futurity Incentive Program

The Whippet Health Foundation strongly encourages health testing for all Whippets, especially those involved in breeding programs. The WHF is now offering a cash incentive to AWC Futurity class winners whose parents meet certain criteria.

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