Whippet Health Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, April 22, 2008
Eugene, Oregon

PRESENT: Rachel Amado, Susan Bolduc, Connie Brunkow, Lisa Costello, Pat Dresser, Cathy Gaidos, Marie Jackson
ABSENT: Ken Latimer, Cora Miller

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 P.M. by President Arthur


1. L. Costello moved to accept the minutes of the April 4, 1007 meeting and the minutes of the e-mail meeting. S. Bolduc seconded. Unanimously approved.

2. There was no President’s Report.

3. There was no Secretary’s Report.

4. Treasurer’s Report submitted by S. Bolduc and available upon request.

Total Assets and Total Net Worth are $84,602.57.
( In 2006 - $54,681.90. In 2005 -$59,875.09. In 2004 - $65,480.33.)

Income was $51,565.72 and Expenses were $21,645.00.

S.Bolduc reported that a $30,000 anonymous gift had been given to the WHF. The CD’s are doing well. We may put another $30,000 into a new CD to diversify.
Our major fund raisers last year were the National Raffle which netted $2852 and the 50/50 Raffles added $510 for a total of $3,360.

The credit card machine has never been used but there is a monthly charge. After discussion it was agreed not to accept credit cards for clinics due to the fees incurred. To help lower expenses for the clinics it was decided after discussion not to house the clinic veterinarians in the host hotel in order to lower expenses.

Treasurer’s report unanimously accepted.

5. Committee Reports:

Fund Raising Committee (P. Dresser, C. Gaidos, D. Laratta)

C. Gaidos reported there is some questioning that the WHF seems to use funds only to supplement health testing which was felt to be part of a breeder’s expenses. L. Costello pointed out that we are now subsidizing only those tests for which the results are entered into the Database. As the Database grows this information will help the entire breed.
L. Costello will make available directions on how to access the Database. A continuing effort is being made to make it more user friendly.
The reason contributions to the WHF cannot be included with dues to the AWC has to do with our 501C status. If approved by the AWC Board we could put preprinted return envelopes addressed to the WHF with dues notices to encourage donations. David Samuelson has agreed to ask for AWC Board approval.
L. Costello offered to “cartoon” a “Health Hero Whippet” which could be printed on items and sold through Café Press on the internet. We could have 35 or 40 mugs printed with the “Hero” which we could sell at the National. MB Arthur will send in the tax exempt number.
S. Bolduc wrote to Garrison Keilor to ask him to autograph something which we could auction off.
L. Costello suggested Pay Pal be used for donations. S. Bolduc pointed out the dangers of "hackers". There is a monthly fee of $11 per month for a balance below $4,000 in the checking account. L. Costello countered that if clinics are to be prepaid next year the credit card system must be in place on the WHF website. Last year Gary Galunas was to investigate how to tie in with Mosely. He is waiting for precise directions as to how the board wishes to proceed. We need to have online credit card authorization. MB Arthur will follow up.
L. Costello will contact G. Galunas to arrange that as soon as people hit the Exit screen on the Database a screen asking for a donation will come up.
The regional baskets for this year’s Silent Auction look great.

Health Committee: (C. Brunkow, L. Costello)

C. Brunkow has been contacted by Canine Health Foundation for a donation to the cryptorchid and myostatin studies. She will clear it with the AWC Board to use “designated funds”.
Dr. Schoster is interested in resuming his Vitreous Degeneration Study. It was decided not to fund him for Atlanta. It was felt it would be better to have him become a contact for those who do the CERF tests at the National. They can then send him their results.

Public Relations Committee: (M. Jackson)

M. Jackson reported she had put two articles in the Newsletter. One was on the “dropped gracilis muscle” and the other on use of a Canine Physical Therapist for injury rehab.
C. Brunkow will check on the possibility of tying the WHF into classified ads now run the AWC in pet magazines.

Old Business

6. Fund Raising Committee:

R. Amado volunteered to serve on the Fund Raising Committee. Ann Herret’s name was mentioned as a possible 3rd member for the committee as she has been very effective on organizing the volunteers. MB Arthur will contact her. There was a suggestion to write all Whippet Clubs asking for donations. Rachel’s husband, Henry Heil, offered from the audience to obtain e-mail lists of members.

7. Database:

L. Costello will do quarterly updates to e-mail lists on the Database ( January, April, July and October) to promote WHF and the Database. She will continue to work with G. Galunas to make the web site more user friendly. To help with this it was felt a Logo was needed. L. Costello suggested using the name WHIP instead of Database. M. Jackson moved that WHIP become the new name (Logo) of the WHF Database. C. Gaidos seconded. Passed unanimously.

8. Cardiac Study:

L. Costello talked to Dr. Stepien. The cardiology research group is comfortable with the study examining dogs every other year for the study, but for CHIC certification or breeding an exam should be done in between to look for changes.
Dr. Gary Wood is doing the Cardiac Exams this year in Eugene and will send his results to Dr. Stepien for her information, but these results will not become part of the ongoing study. At this point Dr. Stepien’s study does not provide enough longitudinal data to make specific recommendations as to breeding.
WHF Mission Statement says we are to provide “start up funds” for studies, but not to fund complete studies.
L.Costello asked for approval to have not only Dr. Stepien at next year’s National, but also a second cardiologist to do “pre-breeding” exams which would not be part of the study. No vote was taken.

9. Health testing at the National:

L.Costello has 60 myostatin swabs.

10. CHIC Certification Recommendations:

L Costello proposed the following recommendations for CHIC Certification.


A. Dog must be entered in the WHF Database.
B. BAER: OFA BAER test of BAER test results recorded in the WHF database (a scanned copy of the report).
C. CERF: Annual CERF evaluation.
D. Cardiac: OFA evaluation with exam by a board certified cardiologist or cardiac test results done by board certified
cardiologist recorded in WHF database (a scanned copy of the report). If auscultation is abnormal, an echocardiogram is required.


A. Hip Dysplasia: OFA, PennHip or GDC evaluation
B. Autoimmune thyroiditis: OFA evaluation from an approved laboratory(the list already on the CHIC website or
report from board certified endocrinologist or pathologist.
C. Myostatin Deficiency: DNA test by a qualified lab (so far there is only one doing this test.( DDC Veterinary)
D. AKC DNA Profile

The WHF Board unanimously approved the proposed recommendations for CHIC Certification. These will be presented to the CWA Board who will make the decision on the requirements necessary for Whippets to have CHIC Certification.

11. No refund for Health Clinics:

This year there was a “no refund” policy for cardiac tests which seems to be acceptable. Originally the “no refund” was tied to a “pay as you go” for the clinics. Discussion resulted in agreement that there would be no refunds for the Cardiac Clinic(s). Not having BAER and CERF refunds will be tabled until after this year’s experience is better known.

12. World Congress:

C. Gaidos will attend and give a report. G. Galunas has been asked to add language flags for use of foreign visitors to the WHF Website.

New Business


P. Dresser and M. Jackson are not running for re-election. They were thanked for their service. Motion was made to accept names of S. Bolduc (re-election), R. Amado, and Jo Meister to the Board. Jo Meister has agreed to serve as secretary.

L. Costello moved to accept the slate. C. Brunkow seconded. Passed unanimously.

15. Other Business:

The establishment of a Clinics Committee was suggested by MB Arthur. Atlanta’s clinics will be a challenge with the large anticipated entry. Ann Herrett may be willing to continue to coordinate volunteers. K. Latimer may be able to furnish students to help with the clinics.

The committee will need to:
* work with volunteers
* coordinate and communicate to avoid duplication of effort

C. Gaidos moved to appoint C. Brunkow as chairperson of the Clinics Committee and MB Arthur and L. Costello as members. R. Amado seconded. Passed unanimously

C. Brunkow moved to adjourn. R. Amado seconded. Passed unanimously.

Adjourned at 9:40 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Marie Jackson, Secretary