MINUTES (Corrected)

Whippet Health Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting
Tuesday, April 19, 2010
Tuscon, Arizona

The Annual Meeting of the Whippet Health Foundation Board of Directors was called to order by President Mary Beth Arthur at 7:00 PM.

Present: Mary Beth Arthur, Susan Bolduc, Lisa Costello DVM, Susanne Hughes DVM and Jo Meister.
Absent: Connie Brunkow, Ken Latimer, Cora Miller and Cathy Gaidos.

The minutes from last year were approved as corrected. Lisa Costello made the motion to approve the minutes with the correction of Eva Bengal’s name spelling. Rachel Amado seconded.

Mary Beth presented Lisa with a plaque along with a big thank you from the board of the WHF for her service to the WHF.

Jo Meister will do a report on the Canine Health Foundation seminar that she attended in September 2009.

New Business:

Susan Bolduc suggested that we cancel the VISA account as it is not used enough to warrant the expense. Lisa made the motion to cancel the Visa account. Rachel seconded. Motion carried.

A discussion was started concerning CHIC which is funded through the Canine Health Foundation. Lisa suggested that WHF recommend to the AW Board the following:

"Pre-breeding" screening to be recommended to the AWC Membership. Echo, CERF, Thyroid yearly. Once before breeding- Baer, Myostatin and OFA. The WHF would also recommend that CHIC number obtained for breeding animals. This might enable the WHF to obtain funding for other projects.

Lisa moved that we send our recommendations to the AWC Board. Seconded by Rachel. Motion carried.

Election of Board of Directors. Lisa Costello DVM is stepping down. Mary Beth Arthur will stay on as President. Cathy Gaidos and Susan Hughes DVM were elected for a 3 year term. Susan Bolduc will stay on as treasurer and Jo Meister will remain as secretary, with Cora Miller retaining the office of Vice President.

Rachel made the motion to accept the above slate of officers. Lisa seconded. Motion carried.

A discussion started concerning the combining of AWC, WRAP and WHF money making ventures. It was decided to table the discussion until Susan Bolduc can investigate what this might do to our non profit status with the IRS.

A discussion was started about the Heart Study. Mary Beth will contact Dr. Stepian concerning a Draft abstract about when the study will be completed.

The WHF board will undertake more offical mettings. Mary Beth or Rachel will investigate possible ways to set this up.

Web site: Our web site needs to be updated. Gary has asked for recommendation from the WHF for another breed club who is interested in using him to set up their site. The WHF has some reservations about this and Mary Beth will contact Gary about this.

Susanne Hughes was welcomed to the WHF board of directors.

Lisa moved to adjorn the meeting. Rachel seconded The meeting was dismissed at 8:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Jo L. Meister, Secretary, WHF