Whippet Health Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Overland Park, Kansas

PRESENT: Arthur, Bolduc, Brunkow, Dresser, Gaidos, Jackson
ABSENT: Costello, Laratta, Miller

The meeting was called to order at 5:50 PM by President Arthur

M. Jackson announced that as of the moment the raffle has brought in $1,568.



An official correction to the minutes of the April 25, 2006 minutes is needed. Pat Dresser is listed as absent when in fact she was in attendance. S. Bolduc made a motion and C. Brunkow seconded to approve the correction. Unanimously approved. C. Brunkow made a motion to approve the corrected minutes of 4/25/06,
P. Dresser seconded. Unanimously approved.


There was no President's Report.

3. There was no Secretary's Report in her absence.

S. Bolduc was unable to complete the Treasurer's Report because of several questions. Check book is coming out correctly to the penny as are the bank statements. She asked if there was a better way to keep track of monies and number of tests from the health clinics. Discussion followed as to the difficulty of the task. Numbers of tests were not matching up to cash and checks taken in. DNA kits from 2006 were paid for by WHF and the number remaining are uncertain. The bottom line is off dollars.

There was a question on the amount of an ACORN grant from the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Dr. Rebecca Stepien has a pending ACORN grant for the Whippet heart study.

BAER subsidizing amount was discussed. It was not listed in the Treasurer's report draft and might explain the money not accounted for in the bottom line.

C. Gaidos moved the WHF have a NO REFUND POLICY for health clinic appointments. C. Brunkow seconded. Unanimously approved.

S. Bolduc will be putting out an amended report.

S. Bolduc said over $5,000 in donations have come in so far in 2007.

M. Jackson said she has heard lots of favorable comments about the WHF.


C. Gaidos suggested wearable paper stickers be given to someone who buys raffle tickets when the event has multiple raffles to stimulate interest. She also said that a trip raffle was unlikely to be a useful money making venture.

P. Dresser discussed how basket raffles have been very successful at the Pug National. She also said that a "number & grab bag" event is a big fund raiser. An individual buys and picks a number which corresponds to a bag with goodies. She also said the Pug t-shirts have been a big fund raiser with a new design each year.

C. Gaidos suggested WHF fund raisers be held at performance events. Design specific raffle for performance events.

M. Jackson said that people need to take action to bring the ideas to actuality. We need people to do fund raising.

C. Brunkow said the database is going well. There are almost 1000 dogs in the database. Gary Galunas is worth every penny. The question of accepting credit cards via the website was asked. M. Arthur will contact Gary for a status update.

M. Jackson has taken photos during the week and will submit them to Whippet News. She asked about putting them on the website. M. Arthur volunteered to do the WHF write-up about the National week's events.


Brochure. M.B. Arthur said she has stalled on completion of the sections committed to. However she will start pushing people to work on them so it can be put on the website. The brochure will not be made into a paper one but on-line only.


Tabled for L. Costello's input


Tabled for L. Costello's input

9. Tabled for L. Costello's input

C. Brunkow moved that no one except WHF can use logo. S. Bolduc seconded. Unanimously approved.


C. Brunkow moved that the database comments section only be used for health related comments.
C. Gaidos seconded. Unanimously approved.

12. C. Brunkow moved that there be a limit on the number of photos per dog to 3. C. Gaidos seconded. Unanimously approved.
13. When M. Jackson purchased the Dannyquest statues the owner made a proposal for the WHF to consider. She said if the WHF would agree to sell a minimum of $3000 worth of limited edition sculptures the WHF would get a portion of the profits. It was decided that the WHF could be unable to sell enough per year to make it work. M. Jackson would contact Dannyquest with the Board's consensus.
14. Tabled for L. Costello's input
15. Tabled for L. Costello's input
16. M.Jackson made a motion that the expiring terms of Arthur, Costello and Gaidos be extended. P. Dresser seconded. Unanimously approved.
17. C. Brunkow moved that the WHF retain the current panel of officers contingent upon their acceptance.
C. Gaidos seconded. Unanimously approved. M. Arthur will contact C. Miller and D. Laratta. Arthur and
Bolduc agreed to continue to remain in their position.

M. Jackson has been working in the health testing clinics as well as the raffle. She suggested that one person be responsible for supervising the volunteers and overseeing each of the three clinics (CERF, BAER and Cardiac). Ann Herrat also offered to help and had been doing a wonderful job during the week. C. Brunkow volunteered to supervise the volunteers and oversee the CERF clinic. M.B. Arthur and Marie Jackson volunteered to supervise and oversee the Cardiac clinic. Ann Herrat offered to supervise and oversee the BAER clinic. This arrangement will relieve a large burden off on just one or two people.


M. Arthur discussed the merits of selling WHF items via CafePress. C. Brunkow moved the WHF get involved with CafePress. C. Gaidos seconded. Unanimously approved. M. Arthur will set up the site to benefit the WHF.

Meeting was recessed at 7:12 pm and would reconvene the next morning at 7:00 am. It was subsequently decided to address the tabled items via an e-mail meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary Beth Arthur, President