The Whippet  by Bo Bengtson
The must have book for every Whippet lover!

From renowned Whippet breeder, judge and historian Bo Bengtson comes the Kennel Club Classic's "The Whippet" - an authoritative look at the breed's past, present and future. This book features detailed chapters on the breed's development worldwide from the 1800s up to the early 2000s, it's accomplishments in dog shows around the world, and participation in coursing and racing events. It is the most important and beautiful book ever published on this sighthound breed, exceeding every expectation for a breed book and raising the bar for the Kennel Club classics series to new heights.

This book also features an added in-depth health chapter written by Lisa Costello, DVM, MS and special contributions about the multi-purpose Whippet by Lisa Costello (U.S.) and Gay Robertson (U.K.). With 350 pages and approximately 300 photos, this book is an essential addition to the library of every Whippet lover.

The Whippet Health Foundation is pleased to be able to offer this book to the fancy. We also have an exclusive arrangement with the author to personalize and autograph your copy of the book at no additional charge. This feature is not available anywhere except from the WHF. Additionally, purchasing this book from the WHF will also help support the important programs funded by the foundation.

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