2022 Health Clinic Information

The Whippet Health Foundation will be conducting health clinics in conjunction with the 2022 AWC National Specialty. OFA Eye Certification, BAER and cardiac echocardiogram clinics will be held as well as microchipping and AKC DNA testing. The Whippet Health Foundation will be subsidizing a portion of the per dog cost for BAER and cardiac testing for those dogs participating in the WHF database.

All test results subsidized by and released to the WHF Database will be public record. It is up to you to enter your dog into the WHF database and to provide us with a copy of the test results.


CAER Eye Clinic: Wednesday, April 6, 2022.
This clinic will be conducted by Dr. Heather Brookshire, DVM, ACVO at Animal Vision Center of Virginia. Results can be sent to the Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) managed by OFA. This test fulfills the AWC Futurity requirement. Appointments will be pre-booked. The cost is $35 per dog.

BAER Hearing Clinic: Appointment times to be determined by Dr. Susanne Hughes
BAER testing will be available this year and all testing will be done by Dr. Susanne Hughes. Appointments will be pre-booked. The cost is $60 per dog for confidential results, $30 for results submitted to the WHF database.

Cardiac Echocardiogram Clinic: Mon, Apr 4th through Thurs, Apr 7th, 2022.
This clinic will be conducted by Dr.’s Rebecca Stepien and Heidi Kellihan from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. They will be performing echocardiogram clearance (pre-breeding) examinations. All exams will take 15 to 20 minutes. These results will be acquired the day of the test. This exam will fulfill the requirements for the OFA Advanced Cardiac Database (ACA). Appointments will be pre-booked. The cost of the exam is $275 for confidential results, $225 for results released to the database. This exam is not intended for dogs with pre-existing conditions or as a cardiac workup.

AKC DNA Profile test: (DNA cheek swab): $45/sample.
All swabs must be given to me at the national to qualify for this special rate, do not send to AKC on your own or they will charge you full price.

Microchipping: $35 per dog. We will schedule a time with you after your health clinic registration is received.

If you are paying by check ...
Download a registration form via the link below and fill it out. Mail your completed form and a check made payable to “WHF” in US funds (Checks written on foreign banks will NOT be accepted) to: Cathy Gaidos, 10177 Blue River Hills Rd, Manhattan, KS 66503.
Download PDF version of this page plus a registration form
Download only a registration form
If you are paying via PayPal (includes credit cards) ...
Register online via the WHF website. Click here to register online. After completing the online registration you will be directed to pay via PayPal. Please remember to pay when you are done filling out the form or your appointments will not be scheduled until you do so.
Appointments will not be scheduled until payment is received.
You can reach me at Gaidos@twinvalley.net; or (785) 564-0150. Email is preferred.