2014 Health Clinic Information

The Whippet Health Foundation will be conducting health clinics in conjunction with the 2014 AWC National Specialty. OFA Eye Certification, BAER and cardiac echocardiogram clinics will be held as well as microchipping, AKC DNA and Myostatin testing. The Whippet Health Foundation will be subsidizing a portion of the per dog cost for BAER, cardiac, and myostatin testing for those dogs participating in the WHF database.

All test results subsidized by and released to the WHF Database will be public record.


Eye Clinic: Wednesday, April 23rd. This clinic will be conducted by Dr. Anne Weigt, ACVO. The cost is $30 per dog. We will be offering the OFA ECR (eye cert registry) test this year. Exam/interpretation/classification is identical to CERF. This test WILL fulfill the AWC Futurity requirement.

BAER Hearing Clinic: Tuesday, April 22nd. This clinic will be conducted by Dr. Susanne Hughes. The cost is $50 per dog for confidential results, $25 for dogs whose test results will be submitted to the WHF database. Dr. Hughes will be scheduling all BAER appointments. There may be time later in the week for overflow testing.

Cardiac Echocardiogram Clinic: Tuesday, April 22nd through Friday, April 25th. This clinic will be conducted by Dr. Rebecca Stepien and the cardiology team from University of Wisconsin, Madison. There will be two clinics, one for dogs already enrolled in the cardiac study and one for non-study dogs wanting heart clearances. All exams will take 30 minutes. Please read the following carefully so you know which clinic to sign up for and what the cost is:

1. Cardiac Study Recheck Clinic: This exam is for those dogs already enrolled previously in the cardiac study. The cost of the recheck exam to you is $50 (the WHF will subsidize the additional $50 for the full $100 fee). All dogs over 7 are FREE. When you send in your sign up form, be sure to mark the RECHECK box. All rechecks will be given priority in the cardiac clinic.

2. Cardiac Clearance Clinic: This exam is for anyone wanting a pre-breeding or health clearance check on a dog not in the above study. The cost of the exam is $225. If you are willing to enter both your dog and the echocardiogram result into the WHF database, we will subsidize $50 of your cost, so you will only pay $175. These results will be acquired the day of the test. You may sign up as many Whippets as you want to, we should have time to accommodate anyone wanting an echocardiogram certification.

AKC DNA Profile test: (DNA cheek swab): $30/sample. Swabs can either be mailed to you prior to the national or picked up in Maryland from Dr. Lisa Costello. She will be available to swab dogs for owners and to collect samples in Maryland. They can also be mailed to her but must be received by May 15th. All swabs must be mailed in TOGETHER to qualify for this special rate, do not send to AKC on your own or they will charge you full price!

Myostatin Deficiency test: $48/sample ($28 for database participants) Swabs can either be mailed prior to the national or picked up in Maryland from Dr. Lisa Costello. If you will not be attending the national, the swabs and payment can be mailed directly to Dr. Costello and will be submitted with all samples following the national specialty (they must be submitted together). These samples must reach her at the address on the health clinic sign up form no later than May 15th. If you will not be attending the AWC national and need to order sample collection kits directly, call 1-800-625-0874, or email contact@vetdnacenter.com.

Microchipping: $30 per dog. This service will be done by Dr. Hughes and will include an AKC ISO Chip as well as the registration. Dr. Hughes will schedule a time with you after your health clinic registration is received.

DEADLINE TO PRE-REGISTER IS Monday, April 7th, 2014
If you wish to register, payment MUST accompany your registration form or have been processed by PayPal on the WHF website at www.whippethealth.org. Note that for payment by check, checks must be in US Funds drawn on US Banks. To register for any of the health clinics, please use online registration or download the PDF registration form via the links here: