2020 Cardiac Clinic Registration Form

This form is for registering your dog(s) for the cardiac clinics to be held this October in Wisconsin.
You must pre-register and pay online via PayPal (you can use your credit card via PayPal).
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Cardiac health clearance/pre-breeding ECHO exam (fill in the number of dogs)
Echocardiogram (Whippet) - results released to WHF Database: # Dogs:  @ $225 each = $ 0
Echocardiogram (Whippet) - results remain confidential: # Dogs:  @ $275 each = $ 0
Echocardiogram - dogs other than Whippets: # Dogs:  @ $300 each = $ 0
   Select preferred day to have the cardiac Echocardiogram exam done:
 (you will be contacted for appointment time)
I could make the overflow date of Tuesday, October 13 
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  Please direct any questions or comments about this form to Dr. Lisa Costello at mtncow@earthlink.net.